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Message from Adam Beres, the Founder...

Since early childhood, I have been aware of the significance of philanthropy, observing my parents’ enthusiastic support for many noble causes. As I grew older, I better understood this great tradition: that many people who prosper in our society feel obliged to give back and fund worthy projects. My parents’ example and my personal experience with studying abroad showed me how much professional and cultural enrichment can be achieved through international intellectual exchange.

As a high school student in 2016, I established this 501(c)3 charity supporting intellectually gifted but financially challenged students’ international studies. Since we were teenagers and young adults, and we would all be representing many different fields of life in the future, I chose the name Ambassadors of the Future. We collect our funding through the annual charity Galas, and the awards are also announced at the yearly events.

Three years ago I used my savings for the start-up, and with the help of my family, my volunteer peers, friends, and patrons like you, the fund has provided $50,000 to the students through the Bognar Family Scholarships, and the Ambassadors of the Future Scholarship at USC over the last two years. This Gala is the third since the fund’s inception, and I am proud to announce, that this year we have collected $40,000 for these scholarships, increasing the cumulative student assistance to $90,000 over three years.

Our organization also established the Women in Philanthropy Award, recognizing the tremendous contribution professional women are providing to our society. Last year’s recipient was Doris Buffett, President of the Sunshine Lady Foundation, and this year’s honoree is Professor Sheila Kar, MD., President of Sheila Kar Health Foundation

Our Galas are black tie events, organized in a holiday theme reflecting the season of love, joy, and giving. Our student volunteers are mainly from USC, and together with the attendees, are representing our diverse world, and emphasizing the value of collaboration regardless of race, gender, and religion for a greater good!

I would like to particularly thank my parents for their devoted help, the board of directors and the gala team for their dedicated work, and to you, heartfelt supporters, for believing in our mission and standing behind the Ambassadors of the Future!

Adam Beres
Founder and President
Board of Directors, Ambassadors of the Future

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